Breeding Contract
and Payment Information

***Fresh-cooled semen available.***

Thank you for choosing Arrowhead's Unlike Any Other for your breeding program. Please read the following instructions for shipped semen before completing a breeding contract and submitting payment.

  1. Complete and sign EAC's breeding contract (below.)

  2. Pay stud fee of $4500 by check, or $4600 by debit or credit card ($4500 + $100 convenience fee.)

  3. All shipment and collection fees ($350) are due to Singing Hills Stables and must be prepaid prior to shipping. (If pre-paying by check, please make payable to "Singing Hills Stable".)

  4. Send a photocopy of the Mare's registration to Singing Hills Stable.

  5. Stallion is collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. A 24-hour notice must be given prior to all stallion shipments and all requests must be received by 12:00pm EST Monday-Friday for next-day delivery.

  6. All equitainers must be returned two days after last insemination. Any container(s) kept beyond seven days will incur a late fee of $100/per day per container.

  7. All equitainers must be returned by UPS or Fed Ex. Breeder is responsible for all shipping costs. If returned by USPS, a $50 pickup fee will be charged to the breeder.

  8. Please order semen via phone at 971.235.9520 or 503-680-3808.

  9. Please call Singing Hills Stable for additional contract information regarding mare care and breeding services.

  10. Multiple mare discounts available for eligible clients. Please contact us for more information.

Addresses for Payments and Documentation

Singing Hills Stable
961 Hebron Rd
Shelbyville, KY  40065


EAC Equine
427 Main Street
Norwell, MA  02061


Showtime Training Center
493 Boone Road
Newnan, GA . 30263


Breeding Contract 

Contact Information
Owner of Mare *
Owner of Mare
Phone *
Address *
Mare(s) Information
Please enter each mare's name and registration number. You will need to send a copy of each mare's registration to Singing Hills Stable.
Shipping and Payment Information
Semen Shipping Address *
Semen Shipping Address
Please Add "ATTN:" in "Address 1" line
Please include veterinarian name if shipping to breeding center.
Veterinarian Phone Number
Veterinarian Phone Number
Please include veterinarian phone number if shipping to breeding center.
Each stud fee is $4500.
I will remit the stud fee by: *
Additional shipment and collection fees must be paid in full prior to collection and payment. *
Collection and shipment is handled by: Singing Hills Stable, 961 Hebron Rd., Shelbyville, KY 40065 (Phone: 971.235.9520 / 503.680.3808)
This mare is booked by name. The booking is valid to the mare named and may not be transferred without consent of the stallion owner or manager. This contract to above mare cannot be sold by mare owner. *
No mare shall be bred until stallion contract is returned and breeding fees are paid. If the mare fails to produce a live foal, return privileges are guaranteed the following year, if the stallion is still living. in the event of the death of the stallion, the service fee will be refunded. *
Neither the stallion owner, manager, farm, nor it’s employees shall be liable for injury, death, or disability suffered by the mare, from any cause whatsoever, while in the custody of Singing Hills Stable, and the owner specifically assents to such condition and waives each and every claim for damages resulting from such injury, death or disability. *
All charges, including transportation, board, veterinarian fees, as well as any and all related medicines or medicinal supplies, etc., are to be paid monthly by the owner of the mare. The mare owner is responsible for safe and complete return of all equitainers and its contents used during fresh cooled semen shipments. *
The stallion managers reserve the right to reject any mare not in good physical condition. The stallion managers also reserve the right to reject any mare that fails to produce a live foal during two consecutive breeding seasons. A copy of registration papers for the mare must be received in order to be booked. *
By clicking Adopt, I agree that the typed signature below will be the electronic representation of my signature to this legally binding contract. *
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